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How Does It Work?

Welcome to Resort to Resort!

Resort to Resort is a luxury homeowner exchange program that allows Members to exchange the use of their Resort Home for luxury accommodation in the most sought-after destinations.

We call it the evolution of vacations. By making your Resort Home available to other Resort to Resort Members, you’ll enjoy incredible vacation experiences.

It starts with your own spectacular Resort Home in places that are easy to come back to and hard to leave. Places where families grow together and vacation memories are made.

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Who Qualifies for a Resort to Resort Membership?

Resort to Resort status is awarded to select resorts projects in North America's most exciting destinations. Owners of these Resort Homes, who have obtained the services of a Resort to Resort affiliated Property Manager, are eligible for Membership.

How to Use Your Membership

With the support of your dedicated Member Services Team, making the most of your Resort to Resort Membership is easy. Here's how it works:

1. deposit a week

In order to begin using your Membership, simply "assign" usage of your Resort Home to Resort to Resort for a specified period of time. This assignment of usage is called a "Deposit", and earns you the right to travel within the Resort to Resort Network (see Earning Resort Credits). All Deposits must be made in 7-night increments.

  • 7-night Deposits typically begin on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday

Resort to Resort establishes a maximum number of Deposits which may be made each week, at each resort. This is done to ensure the supply of Deposits remains consistent with the demand for vacations. To determine which periods you may Deposit, simply contact a Resort to Resort Membership Representative. Once usage of a Resort Home has been deposited with Resort to Resort, the deposited period of occupancy is made available to other Members. You can generally deposit a period of owner usage 3 months before the check-in date; occasionally we will take shorter term deposits - please ask!

Depositing a Week

When you want to Deposit a week from your Resort Home to earn Resort Credits, simply fill out our Online Deposit Form and submit. We need your approval so there is no confusion with double-bookings. You will have to block this week as Owner Usage time with your property manager or resort.


2. Earning Resort Credits

You earn Resort Credits each time you make a Deposit. The Number of Resort Credits earned depends on 3 factors:

  • Demand for the Resort in which you own your Resort Home
  • The type of the Resort Home (Studio, 1, 2, 3 Bedroom)
  • The Season in which you make your Resort Home available

To determine how many Resort Credits you will earn for your Deposit, simply consult the Resort Credit Value Table for your Resort Home. The more often you deposit usage of your Resort Home with Resort to Resort, the more Resort Credits you earn. These Resort Credits become the currency that you use to reserve accommodation in other Resort to Resort destinations.

Resort Credits are valid for 24 months after the date they are deposited into your Member account, and may be used to reserve any accommodation as long as that booking is made before that 24 month period expires. Ask Member Services for an Account Statement of you are unsure of your expiry dates! E-mail ResorttoResort@hgv.com


3. Making a Reservation Request & SEARCHING FOR AN EXCHANGE

Now that you have earned Resort Credits for your dream vacation, you may request accommodation in any of the Resorts included in the Resort to Resort network.

Whether or not you have credits in your account, you may request accommodation in any of the resorts included in the Resort to Resort network. Or “start a search.” Members may request 7-night vacations. Please be ready to book if you start a search! Once we find a week we cannot return it to the owner who deposited it. Depending on the dates you are requesting, you may be asked to fax in a binding form indicating that your exchange will be confirmed immediately after it is found.  If another Member has already deposited the inventory you are requesting and it has not already been reserved, your request may be confirmed right away. Otherwise, Resort to Resort will immediately begin searching for a Member who is willing to deposit their resort home during the period that matches your request by contacting all the members at your chosen resort. Once a match has been found for your request, Member Services will confirm your reservation.

When placing your request, you will need to specify:
  • Your Resort
  • Your desired arrival date
  • Accommodation size (maximum occupancy rules apply)
  • Reservation alternatives (each alternative should represent a unique combination of Resort or date alternatives)

Reservation Guidelines

  • Maximum occupancy (one bedroom sleeps 2-4, two bedroom sleeps 4-6, three bedroom sleeps 6-8)
  • Reservation Service Charges are $275 USD per week reserved
  • Confirmed Reservations are subject to the below cancellation policy
Cancellation Lead Time
Resort Credits Refund
Exchange Fee Refund
Within 24 hours of confirmation
90 days or more before arrival date
89 days or less before arrival date




If another Resort to Resort Member has already deposited the inventory you are requesting and it has not already been reserved, your request may be confirmed right away. Otherwise, Resort to Resort will immediately begin searching for a Member who is willing to Deposit their Resort Home during the period that matches your request. Once a match has been found for your request, your reservation will be confirmed by a Membership Representative.

Making the most of your Resort to Resort Membership

Resort to Resort enables you to exchange use of your Resort Home for incredible vacations in an incredible network of destination resorts. This is achieved by matching Deposits with requests. If your request is the only one which has been made for the week in question, then your request will be confirmed immediately. However, when more than one request exists for the same Deposit, Members will be placed on a waiting list.


As an active Member these are the fees that will apply to you:

  1. Enrollment and Membership Fee: New Memberships can be purchased for $349 USD. This includes your enrollment fee and Membership fee for the first two years. The annual Membership fee thereafter is $199 USD. Multi year Membership renewals are also available, contact Resort to Resort for current pricing.
  2. Housekeeping charge: When you Deposit a week from your Resort Home, you are responsible to pay any mandatory fees associated with the use of this week. For most Resort Homes this is limited to the one time cleaning charge at check-out. When you travel to other resorts the owner of the property you stay at will be responsible those fees.
  3. Reservation Fee: When you confirm a reservation there is a reservation fee of $275 USD per 7-night exchange. This is only charged after we find the accommodations you request and we confirm your reservation.
  4. Guest Fee – You can send a guest on vacation in your place at an additional cost of $49 USD.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Member Services via e-mail at ResorttoResort@hgv.com.

Homeowner FAQ’s

Everyday your Member Services Representatives work with Members to plan their vacations. In speaking with so many Members, the Representatives have developed an unparalleled knowledge of Resort to Resort Membership. They are definitely your best resource for making the most of your Membership.

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