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Everyday your Member Services Representatives work with Members to plan their vacations. In speaking with so many Members, the Representatives have developed an excellent understanding of Resort to Resort Membership. They are definitely your best resource for making the most of your Membership

Q Whom do I contact if I want to deposit or have any questions?

A – The first step will always be to contact Resort to Resort at ResorttoResort@hgv.com.

Q Can I Deposit any week that I own with Resort to Resort?

A – Resort to Resort places limits on the number of Deposits which can be made during each season at each Resort to ensure the Deposits are ultimately enjoyed by other Resort to Resort Members. Contact Member Services to find the weeks currently being accepted for Deposit.

Q Can anybody be a Resort to Resort Member?

A – Resort to Resort Membership is available to owners of select whole- and quarter-ownership developments at (currently) 45 destination resorts. Owners must have secured the services of a Resort to Resort affiliated Property Manager in order to participate.

Q – How do I find out my Resort Credit balance?

A – Resort to Resort maintains software that manages all of our Members’ accounts. Members can determine their Resort Credit Balance by e-mailing us at ResorttoResort@hgv.com.

Q Can I send a guest on a Vacation Exchange in my place?

A – Yes. You may purchase a Guest Certificate which entitles a guest(s) of your choosing to make use of your Vacation Exchange.

Q – What happens if I don’t get what I want?

A – Unlike many exchange companies, Resort to Resort actively seeks inventory to accommodate our Members’ Requests. This means that when you make a Request for which we currently have no availability, we will selectively contact owners at the resort(s) you are interested in traveling to and ask for Deposits to meet the demand. While we cannot guarantee a particular Request will be fulfilled for a particular date, we feel that by actively searching for inventory, and by ensuring that Members provide us with multiple options, we will be able to achieve greater success.

Q – How far in advance should we place requests?

A – This depends on what dates you are requesting. If you are requesting a Prime or Holiday week, place your request between 8 and 12 months in advance. If you are interested in traveling in one of the quieter seasons, 3 to 6 months in advance should be fine.

Q What happens if I can’t exchange where I want to, when I want to? Do I get to extend my Resort Credits?

A – Resort Credits have a lifespan of 2 years. This 2-year period begins when we confirm your Deposit. In order to make use of those Resort Credits, you must book an exchange within those 2 years or the Resort Credits will expire. While it is possible that you will not be able to confirm exactly what you want and when you want it (your first choice), you will certainly be encouraged to provide us with multiple options in terms of dates and locations you are willing to travel to. The more options we have, the greater the likelihood that a corresponding owner will Deposit a corresponding week.

Q How do you determine the Resort Credit value for my suite? Why are some destinations more credits than others?

A – Resort Credit values are based on a number of variables, including unit size, length of Deposit (seasonality) and overall desirability of a given resort. To determine what you would be awarded for a particular week Deposit and how many Resort Credits you would need to reserve elsewhere, refer to the Resort Credit Value Tables [see sidebar].

Q Why would I deposit with you when I already have a Property/Rental manager?

A – Resort to Resort is not a Property Manager. Deposits with Resort to Resort earn you Resort Credits, which become the currency with which you may reserve luxury accommodations throughout the Resort to Resort Network.

Q How often do you add destinations?

A – Resort to Resort has already begun to search for suitable destinations and quality developments where we can establish new and exciting partnerships for our Members. Keep your eye on www.resort2resort.com for all the details.

Q What happens if my suite gets damaged?

A – It is the responsibility of the Resort to Resort guest who causes damage, to pay for damage.

Q Who takes care of housekeeping?

A – The departure housekeeping fees are paid by the owner who deposited the week, just as if they were using their own unit.

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