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Mayne Island, British Columbia

Mayne Island, British Columbia

Mayne Island is a very special place of great natural beauty with stunning Island landscape of bays, valleys and high rock bluffs. Located at the center of the coastal dry belt the Island is blessed with more sunshine than the Okanagan, a mere 80 centimetres of rain a year and spring flowers in February.

Mayne Island is at the front door of Canada's newest spectacular 35 sq. kilometres Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Spread over some 16 islands numerous Islets and reefs and buffered by a mild Mediterranean climate within sheltered waters and accessible by powerboat, kayak or canoe. This park is yours to discover and explore. There is something for everyone, all ages and skill levels.

The wide variety of terrestrial and marine habitats mean that the wildlife found in the Gulf Islands is abundant and diverse. Orcas, porpoises, sea lions, seals and otters call the surrounding waters home; eagles, falcons and turkey vultures soar overhead. Thousands of resident and migratory species of seabirds, shorebirds and waterfowl thrive on the bounty of the nutrient-rich ocean waters.

"More sunshine than the Okanagan, a mere 80 centimeters of rain a year and spring flowers in February are just a few of the reasons why the southern Gulf Islands are referred to as Canada's Hawaii."

The Mayne Island Resort is nestled at the far edge of a cliffside meadow and is surrounded by stands of mature fir, pine and arbutus trees. This provides a spectacular view of Bennett Bay and the National Heritage Park of Campbell Point and beyond.

Landscaping and gardens will reflect this natural beauty by incorporating some of the plants indigenous to Mayne Island. Complimenting these plantings will be species that local gardeners have found to thrive in the San Juan archipelago environment. A certified landscape architect has helped us design gardens that are beautiful, as well as drought resistant.

Over 250 different wild flowers grow and flourish on Mayne Island, from Blue-eyed Marys to rare orchids, common daisies, wild native roses and bluebells, brought to the island by early settlers.

While at Mayne Island

In our waters, seals, sea-lions, salmon, sole and killer whales splash and swim. In the intertidal zone, pools formed by depressions in the sandstone are home to many small creatures.

Much of the island is covered by trees - Arbutus, Douglas and Grand Fir, Western Red Cedar, Alder, Maple and in the shade of the trees grow Honeysuckle, Huckleberry, Salal and Oregon Grape.

One of our greatest natural assets is the number and variety of birds which live here or visit us. The tiny Winter Wren, stately Bald Eagle, Condor, Robins, Finches, Towhees, and in Spring the Hummingbirds and Swallows. Summer brings the Goldfinches, Cedar Waxwings, and in Autumn flocks of shorebirds migrating south stop to rest and feed on the mudflats at Horton Bay and Village Bay. Those are only a small sample of the dozens of different species which make Mayne Island a bird-watcher's dream.

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