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Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert, California

Palm Desert is your desert home. Ideally located next to the Desert Willow Golf Course, Embarc — Palm Desert is serene and secluded. Peaceful, spacious and seemingly one with the desert surroundings, the Vacation Homes at Palm Desert take full advantage of the 365 days of warm weather. Outdoor showers, dining areas and fireplaces all offer a unique experience to live under the sun and stars. Embarc — Palm Desert was envisioned and developed with a complete respect for its desert surroundings. As you approach the Club along Desert Willow Drive you'll immediately notice the adobe-style exteriors finished in warm, rich colors - ochre, sage, crimson and sand. Indigenous flora and fauna were used to create the surrounding landscaping and interpretive walking path. The haciendas rise effortlessly from the desertscape and rest perfectly along the fairways of Desert Willow Golf Resort.

Inside each Vacation Home the colors of the desert are brought to life. Bright fuchsia and orange walls mirror the flowering cacti and bougainvillea outside. Honey-colored desertscape and rock surround each hacienda, blending with the exterior adobe finishing. Embarc — Palm Desert backs onto the Desert Willow Golf Course, meeting the emerald green grass of the fairway. Everything here is designed to be enjoyed outside in the year-round warmth. Private patios have large stone tables and outdoor gas fireplaces, all with a view of the mountains. Your Club is unquestionably the most authentic luxury resort in Palm Desert

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Enjoy the unparalleled natural beauty of Palm Desert, California in your own spectacular Club location. Its warm desert sunshine, emerald green fairways and brilliant blue skies make it one of the most popular resort destinations anywhere - famous for golf but offering so much more for the whole family to discover.

Carved from the majestic surrounding mountain ranges, Palm Desert is a resort destination of uncommon luxury. Over 2,000 years ago the valley was the ancestral home of the Agua Caliente Indians and their miracle healing mineral waters. Today, Palm Desert's unspoiled natural beauty and opulence combine to create an oasis of leisure activities. Although it is known as a golf destination, the desert's natural topography provides a backdrop for many more vacation adventures like hiking, tennis, shopping and more.

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